Consensus to “vote” health policies


Manage the collective participation of a large group of people & User-friendly app to facilitate participation without any further instruction.


Participation in the design of the questionnaire & Development and implementation of a comprehensive online consensus tool allowing the participation of a wide range of professionals.

Collective priority setting and prediction for thousands of professionals

In 2012 the Department of Health launched a strategic plan spanning from 2011 to 2015, and as part of the strategic planning validation and monitoring, a collective priority setting and prediction was designed to increase the reach and diversity of participation through a collective intelligence methodology.

A total of 1,217 out of the original 3,616 participants filled the entire set of requirements to take part to the collective health policymaking process.

HealthConsensus introduced a breakthrough in health policy participation, allowing thousands of professionals to come along regardless of geographical, and time limitations.

[PAPER] Collective health policy making in the Catalan Health System